Digital Marketing Technology Meets CRM for Advanced Analytics

Digital Marketing Technology Meets CRM for Advanced Analytics

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MOHR Advantage and Inbound Ignited provided a breakout session at the 2021 Midwest Digital Marketing Conference (#MDMC). Their topic focused on digital marketing and integration strategies with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) technology to provide advanced analytics. MDMC is the largest digital marketing conference in the Midwest, rated a Top Marketing Conference to attend by Forbes. The symposium featured over 100 speakers throughout the 4 day event and provided excellent content related to digital marketing trends.

Session Overview

Today, many leaders are facing increased pressure to expand and manage revenue growth while improving marketing and sales performance. Cancellations of tradeshows, in-person events, and on-site meetings have shifted businesses to rely more on digital tactics to meet revenue goals. These strategies include; online lead generation, nurturing, scoring, and more advanced pipeline management. Technology has become a linchpin to data, analytics, and new strategic insights.

Digital Marketing and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) technology continue to be an area of emphasis and opportunity. Defining the vision, strategy, and technical nuances is critical to success.

Discussion Focus
    • Data Capture and Process Design – Marketing and Sales
    • Defining Marketing Qualified – Sales Qualified Leads
    • Automated Workflows – Lead Generation, Nurturing, Opportunity Management
    • Technology Integrations – MarTech Stack and CRM
    • Marketing and Sales Alignment – Communication and Change Management
    • Analytics and Insights – Performance Management

High performing Sales and Marketing Teams leverage data, analytics, and technology to provide strategic insights that align business development initiatives. Creating a high-performance revenue model requires purposeful design, focused execution, cross-functional teamwork, and continual transformation.

Their session provided a foundation for evaluating internal sales, marketing, and business development framework by reviewing practical examples and common challenges. The session also offered new perspectives on digital Marketing and CRM technology.


MOHR Advantage assists organizations and leadership teams with Sales Operations, Sales Enablement, Sales Effectiveness (SOEE) performance modeling. MOHR Advantage helps employers define, architect, and create high performance sales infrastructure to accelerate profitable revenue growth.

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Inbound Ignited is a Growth Agency that works with marketers, sales leaders, and business owners to develop go-to-market strategy, lead generation, and sales optimization to increase marketing and revenue performance.

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