Marketing Performance Delivers Sales and Revenue Growth

Marketing Performance Delivers Sales and Revenue Growth

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Many leaders are facing increased pressure to expand and manage revenue growth while improving marketing and sales performance. Cancellations of tradeshows, in-person events, and on-site meetings have shifted employers to rely more on digital tactics to meet revenue goals. These strategies include; online lead generation, nurturing, scoring, and more advanced pipeline management.

High performance marketing teams create enterprise alignment and leverage technology, data, process, and performance analytics to deliver results.

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Marketing has a very important, complicated, and critical function within every organization. Marketing must provide a clear and unique strategy to disrupt competition and generate revenue through brand awareness and brand recognition. Balancing marketplace visibility with immediate ROI can be challenging to the most experienced marketing professional.

Marketing Performance Foundation:

Enterprise Alignment - successful marketing teams align their vision and strategy with key internal stakeholders. These teams expand beyond Sales, and include; Customer Success, Client Relations, Product Management, Technology, Data Analytics, Finance, Operations, and Compensation.

Enabling Technology - aligning the Martech stack is critical to successful prospect and client engagement. Marketing analytics and strategy can be further enhanced through Customer Relationship Management (CRM) integrations to provide additional market insights.

Data Management and Process - defining data capture through operational process design further improves performance. Data attributes should be organized to provide segmentation and market views into customers, prospects, opportunities, lead sources, lead scoring, and campaigns.

Performance Analytics - provides success measurements to modify and improve marketing strategy and tactical operations. Examples include; pipeline velocity by stage, win ratios, days to close, average deal size, cost per lead, MQL, SQL, cross-sell, upsell success.

SOEE what's the value...

Creating a high-performance revenue model requires purposeful design, focused execution, cross-functional teamwork, and continual transformation. Evaluating your internal sales, marketing, and business development framework, combined with digital marketing and CRM technology will provide new perspectives. As we begin a new year, organizations are encouraged to review the foundational disciplines of Sales Operations, Enablement, Effectiveness (SOEE) Performance Modeling. Each discipline compliments marketing strategy and can be refined to accelerate marketing and sales performance.
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