Segmentation Analytics Accelerate Marketing and Sales Insights

Segmentation Analytics Accelerate Marketing and Sales Insights

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Sales Operations, Sales Enablement, Sales Effectiveness (SOEE) performance modeling continues to gain
traction, as organizations leverage data and technology to accelerate revenue performance.

Segmentation analytics is the process of examining customer and prospect information to identify 
common characteristics (data attributes) that support sales, marketing, and business development strategy. Through data-driven insights, financial investments and resources can be aligned with enterprise growth initiatives.

Segmentation analytics can be challenging to compile. Much of the difficulty hinges on data capture, data integrity, and data management. All three disciplines are critical to delivering strategic insights. The 
process of building a data-driven culture requires vision, focus, planning, and tactical execution.

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Accurate data is critical to making informed decisions. Organizations should continually review technology, process, and resources dedicated to achieving data-driven insights.

Common Goals
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Data Capture - identify strategic data attributes to capture about customers and prospects. Examples: geographic location, industry vertical, employment size, annual revenue

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Data Integrity - ensure accurate and consistent data quality for analysis and reporting. Example: design a consistent process for data capture, cleansing, evaluation, and enrichment

SO - data (circle)

Data Management - the discipline, process, and governance of managing data assets. Examples: Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Digital Marketing technology

sample Segmentation analytics

Penetration Rate  existing clients vs. prospect universe
New Sales  average value, win percent, days to close
New Sales  common prospect data characteristics
Marketing Leads  lead source tagging and scoring models
Retention Rate  existing clients vs. churned clients
Churned Clients  cancellation reasons, revenue lost
Ideal Customer Profile – common data attributes of profitable clients

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Digital Marketing technology are two examples of
unifying data and process to create segmentation analytics to accelerate sales and revenue growth.

SOEE what's the value...

Organizations must invest time, energy, and financial resources to understand prospects, customers, and former customers. Lack of strategic direction and marketplace understanding is no longer acceptable. Managing actionable data through technology is a skill that is refined through process, analysis, and interpretation of results. Segmentation analytics provide insights that drive strategy and enhance sales focus to deliver revenue performance.

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