Protecting Revenue Amidst Relationship Disruption

Protecting Revenue Amidst Relationship Disruption

Webinar Overview

Michael Mohr, CEO and Founder of MOHR Advantage and Manish Goel, CEO and Co-Founder of TrustSphere hosted a progressive webinar on Relationships and Revenue.


  • Relationship Analytics – Relationship Networks – Relationship Engagement
  • Sales Operations – Sales Enablement – Sales Effectiveness

Goal: Discuss Relationship Analytics and the impact on Sales Operations and Sales Enablement to improve Sales Effectiveness.


Relationship Analytics uses communication interactions between internal and external contacts to understand the organization’s collective relationship networks and provide strategic insights into relationship activity, engagement, and coverage.


Sales Operations provides tactical functions that operationalize enterprise strategy around data management, process design, and enabling technologies.

Sales Enablement defines the systematic alignment of technology, business development, and enterprise initiatives to produce efficient and effective sales engagement.

Sales Effectiveness provides analytical insights into sales and revenue performance to enhance strategy and tactical plan execution.

Webinar Summary

Data and technology provide organizations the ability to better understand and engage customers and prospects. Relationship Analytics (data) provides additional insights about customer and prospect engagement. Leveraging the power of Relationship Analytics within Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and other adjacent technologies, organizations can create deeper customer relationships, that will produce a competitive advantage.

Example Use Case:

  • Relationship Analytics – analyze sales related communication activity to quantify account coverage
    and entrenchment levels. Automatically enrich CRM with insights which are not logged or manually captured. These insights provide engagement visibility at the Account and Contact level.
  • Sales Operations – overlay individual sales pipeline (data) to further evaluate sales stage weighting, opportunity value, and estimated close date.
  • Sales Enablement – evaluate the combined relationship and sales operations data to align business development, marketing, and sales to accelerate new and existing pipeline opportunities.
  • Sales Effectiveness – establish performance metrics to measure strategy success. Dashboard insights provide ongoing data to gauge tactical execution and foster continual innovation.


MOHR Advantage assists organizations and leadership teams with Sales Operations, Sales Enablement, Sales Effectiveness (SOEE) performance modeling. MOHR Advantage helps employers define, architect, and create high performance sales infrastructure to accelerate profitable revenue growth.

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TrustSphere is a widely recognized market leader in Relationship Analytics. TrustSphere helps organizations leverage their most valued asset – collective relationship networks. By analyzing data from enterprise communication and collaboration systems, TrustSphere provides advanced analytic insights.

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