Sales Operations Office Hours – Sales and Pipeline Management

Sales Operations Office Hours – Sales and Pipeline Management

Webinar Overview

Michael Mohr, CEO and Founder of MOHR Advantage and Jim Eberlin, CEO and Founder of TopOPPS hosted a webinar on Sales and Pipeline Management.


    • Top of Funnel – Lead Generation
    • Middle of Funnel – Pipeline Accuracy
    • Post Close – Customer Retention

Goal: Discuss the impact of data management, process design, and enabling technologies to support business development, lead generation, marketing, pipeline, sales, and customer retention.

Webinar Summary

Data and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology provide organizations the ability to better understand and engage customers and prospects.  Leveraging the power of AI and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) technology will produce a competitive advantage.

Top of Funnel | Lead Generation

Enterprise alignment of Business Development, Sales, and Marketing continues to have a significant influence on revenue performance. Well-targeted, genuinely helpful thought leadership content improves customer and prospect engagement.  Understanding current industry challenges and defining marketing analytics (success) enhances tactical Sales Operations and Sales Enablement planning.       

Middle of Funnel | Pipeline Management

Evaluation of sales and pipeline health (win rates, average selling price, sales cycle time) has a significant impact on forecast accuracy.  Advanced analytics combined with AI can provide opportunity health scores to further refine forecast accuracy.  Data management, process design, and integration of enabling technologies (CRM, AI, Marketing) will accelerate and improve sales performance.      

Post Close | Customer Retention

Creating a transparent and systematic transition from closed contract to client boarding impacts customer success and retention.  Employers are honing data management and process related to contract data captureidentification of cross sell strategies, and automation of customer renewal opportunities.  Becoming more proficient and proactive with contract data collection, produces greater insights to reduce customer churn.  


MOHR Advantage assists organizations and leadership teams with Sales Operations, Sales Enablement, Sales Effectiveness (SOEE) performance modeling. MOHR Advantage helps employers define, architect, and create high performance sales infrastructure to accelerate profitable revenue growth.

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TopOPPS provides software that leverages Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to improve sales forecast accuracy, increase win ratios, and enhance revenue performance.  TopOPPS provides automated data capture, predictive analytics, guided selling, and momentum scoring to improve sales performance.

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