Change Management Supports Sales and Business Development

Change Management Supports Sales and Business Development


Employers continue to adapt and transform within the current environment. Creativity and change have become important factors to business development and marketing strategy. The sudden economic shift has impacted new business, client retention, and revenue performance. In addition, a remote workforce has been established overnight with technology driving communication and innovation.

Focus and discipline have new meaning related to sales and pipeline management. Reviewing and evaluating each individual sales opportunity will be important to financial projections. Every organization will face unique challenges based on the current sales opportunity process design, pipeline oversight, and available reporting analytics.


Taking time to understand sales opportunity and customer data will provide valuable insights. Data will assist employers with focused change management and unite tactical planning throughout the enterprise.

For example, industry vertical data, will provide awareness into current economic challenges, financial pressures, and foster the appropriate business development approach within a given sector.

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Business Development
• Evaluate Account and Contact data managed in CRM
• Determine data reliability to support communication efforts
• Create business development strategy based on data segmentation
• Stay informed on industry information that influences vertical trends

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Marketing Communications
• Align CRM and marketing technology to ensure effective outreach
• Develop value added content that provides thought leadership
• Ensure a well-defined campaign, lead, opportunity follow up process
• Define marketing analytics to adapt and modify messaging

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Sales and Pipeline Management
• Stack rank the entire sales pipeline by opportunity stage
• Evaluate each stage weighting and deal valuation
• Discuss and assess current contract closing dates
• Unify business development, marketing, and sales resources

Closing Thoughts

Evaluating the entire sales process will uncover the most impactful areas for change management.
Developing Sales Operations requires discipline in the areas of data management, process design, and enabling technology. Sales Operations provides the foundation for Sales Enablement and Sales Effectiveness. As employers embrace change, leadership and communication will influence success.

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