Leverage Data and Technology to Support Business Continuity

Leverage Data and Technology to Support Business Continuity


As the World continues to combat the COVID-19 virus, environments have changed overnight. Supporting family, friends, employees, customers, and prospects is paramount during these uncertain times.

Our country is using technology, innovation, and creativity to communicate economic change and maintain continuity throughout our communities. As many countries establish a remote workforce, the value of data and new insights will be critical to the decision-making process.

Our nation will be required to develop visionary plans that are unique, responsive, and flexible. During difficult times, leadership, teamwork, and resilience will provide new opportunities to shape the future of the United States.


Employers are creating new strategies to support employees, customers, and prospects. Many employees are not familiar with a remote work environment. Employees may not understand the technology and data available to assist their job function. Education and training will ensure the organization is equipped to respond quickly to customer and prospect requests.    

The use of analytical insights, data, and technology will greatly improve communication and planning. 

SEE - insights (circle)

Analytical Insights
• Review existing performance metrics pre COVID-19 and evaluate current data insights
• Determine if new performance measures are needed post COVID-19 to support customers
• Identify available data sources and new analytics to manage anticipated business challenges

SO - data (circle)

Data Management
• Evaluate customer and prospect data to identify trending metrics and new insights
• Align data (quickly) to provide early warning signals of potential communication breakdowns
• Design real-time dashboard visualization that compiles data into performance analytics

CRM icon (circle)

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Technology
• Isolate customer and prospect account and contact information for communication planning
• Build metrics related to new customer boarding, customer cases, and upcoming renewals
• Configure digital marketing and business development technology within CRM framework

SE - development (circle)

Communication and Planning
• Educate and provide technical support for conference call, video, and screen share technology
• Organize (in advance) concise written communication related to meeting focus and agendas
• Provide written summary of actions, next steps, ownership roles, and schedule follow up

Closing Thoughts

The current situation has challenged the world, our country, and employers to collaborate and use all available information (data) to support innovative solutions. Employers and communities are using compassion, insights, and technology to accelerate communication and ensure continuity.   

“Take advantage of every opportunity to develop your shape and sharpen your serving skills”
– Rick Warren, The Purpose Driven Life
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