Professional Growth and Development – Curiosity, Knowledge, and Innovation

Professional Growth and Development – Curiosity, Knowledge, and Innovation

SOEE what’s new...

Professional growth and development are essential ingredients to building and maintaining a high-
performance business model. Assembling a team of professionals that seek innovation and creativity is
instrumental to market disruption and revenue growth. The innate pursuit of knowledge, information, data, and insights will support new market solutions and produce competitive differentiation.

Curiosity, questions, asking “why” will further identify areas of focus, enable proactive discussions, and
expand industry thought leadership. Through collaboration and teamwork, employers can leverage the
power of knowledge and feedback to enhance business model performance.

SOEE what’s the solution...

By leveraging Sales Operations, Sales Enablement, Sales Effectiveness (SOEE) Performance Modeling
employers can challenge data insights to improve sales, customer retention, and revenue performance.

Insights offer perspective into areas of individual and team development. Insights create visibility for employers to evaluate Revenue Operations and align the most impactful training and innovation plans.

Revenue OperationSOEE DisciplineProfessional Growth and Development
MarketingEnablementEvaluate omnichannel options and strategy design
Lead GenerationEnablementExamine target markets and sales distribution channels
Sales Pipeline Mgmt.OperationsCreate analytics to assess sales performance
New Sales GrowthEffectivenessDevelop “win-loss” metrics, capture market sentiment
Customer BoardingEnablementMeasure speed to revenue, improve growth acceleration
Customer RetentionOperationsBuild retention metrics, reduce customer churn
Revenue LeakageEffectivenessAnalyze contracted quota value vs. revenue capture

Sales Operations, Sales Enablement, Sales Effectiveness are three inter-dependent functions that require
seamless integration to maximize performance. By pursuing SOEE Performance, employers can isolate strategic areas of opportunity for professional growth and development initiatives.

SOEE what's the value...

Professional growth and development require focus and discipline. Continually pushing the enterprise to
stretch, learn, and acquire new skills can be time consuming, exhausting, and mentally challenging.

So why exert the extra effort, when the status quo is working?

To quote the famous actor Denzel Washington; “Ease is a greater threat to progress than hardship.”

Becoming complacent, letting “ease” take over daily activities and not striving for the next level of excellence, will leave opportunity untouched, innovation undiscovered, and progress only a dream.

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