Accelerate Performance through Focus, Discipline, and Execution

Accelerate Performance through Focus, Discipline, and Execution

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The term performance can take on many definitions as organizations position for profitable revenue growth. In the context of this article, performance is segmented into the following areas:

Sales Performance: Attainment of quota or sales goals

Upsell/Cross-Sell Performance: Expanding customer product or service offerings

Operational Performance: Onboarding, adoption, and usage of products/services purchased

Retention Performance: Securing customer contract renewals

Marketing Performance: Evaluation and impact on sales, retention, upsells, cross-sells

Churn Performance: Managing customer cancellations and revenue loss

Measuring and understanding the data analytics that support each area of performance can provide business insights. Insights and performance management provide transparency and knowledge.  Knowledge and visibility allow organizations to sharpen strategy, resource allocation, and tactical focus.  

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The alignment of performance reporting requires discipline and planning. In many cases, organizations can start by reviewing existing data, process, and technology to surface initial insights.   

Developing a refined dashboard to allow for real-time, actionable information takes time and requires vision and continual tactical execution. The most effective way to evaluate the current situation is to outline available information (data) by performance category. 


Data Management: Identify data captured, managed, and quality of existing information. Evaluate missing data intelligence that would further refine the performance measurement.


Process Design: Evaluate the current process for capturing data. Determine if new data capture processes will need to be developed to enhance performance reporting.


Enabling Technology: Evaluate Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Marketing, and Customer Success platforms for best-in-class solutions and expanded functional integrations.

Efficient and effective use of data and technology accelerates customer and prospect insightsTransparency and measurement allow difficult and critical decisions to be addressed timely. 

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Understanding each area of business performance allows organizations to make informed decisions and create disruption in the marketplace. Lack of insights delays change, and solutions are often implemented without a full understanding of the business challenge. 

Evaluating performance in the pursuit of new business intelligence and game changing analytics is difficult. Managing exceptional performance requires an organizational culture that is dynamic and progressive. All levels of leadership need to continually assess priorities and use strategic focus, personal discipline, and tactical execution to challenge the status quo to improve performance gaps

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